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Social network mining and analysis


Ministrantes: Bruno Miguel Tavares Gonçalves



As modern technologies gradually come to permeate our lives, our use of them becomes second nature as the ``real’’ world naturally extends to include the online on. Even though the cognitive load imposed upon us to interact with state of the art technologies decreases, the amount of information that is collected and processed in the background can only increase. Such records provide a unique view of how we interact with these systems and, through them, how we interact with each other. In this tutorial we introduce the students to tools and techniques designed to harness this wealth of data with a special emphasis on datasets that reflect social human behavior, interactions and collaborations. In particular, we will cover social network analysis and how to mine online social networks like Twitter and Wikipedia, etc.



Bruno Gonçalves is Data Scientist with a background in Physics and Computer Science with 10+ years of experience in Data Science and Machine Learning to study individual and collective human behavior. Actually he is working at Data For Science, Inc., New York, USA. He has been using Python since my PhD days (circa 2005) and R for statistical analysis since circa 2010 and daily since joining JPMC in 2018. Frequent technical speaker at industry (O’Reilly AI, Strata, ODSC, etc) and academic (WWW, WebSci, NetSci, etc) conferences.

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