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Visual Analysis of Large Data sets: present, future and usages


Ministrantes: Rosane Minghim
Resp.: Profª Roseli Ap. Francelin Romero



Data Visualization strategies have become paramount to solve current Data Analysis problems, and in particular in situations when an exploratory approach is needed. In such circumstances, the combination between machine learning and visual analytics can offer solutions to support handling various types of complexity in current applications, and in particular the scale of the problems encountered in current applications.  In this course we present basic and advanced concepts in visualization and in integration between visual analysis and data mining and approach the problem of handling large data in the context of exploratory analysis. We also exemplify such concepts by presenting their results in a diverse set of applications such as: analysis of document and image collections, acoustic landscapes, medical and biological data and social network analysis. At the end the audience should become familiar with a number of resources and alternatives to resolve complex data analysis where user interaction is necessary to understand phenomena behind data. He or she should also become knowledgeable of the challenges facing the adaptation of current approaches to handle very large data sets.



Rosane Minghim Is Associate Professor at ICMC - University of São Paulo, where she also received her Bachelors degree in 1985. She has a Master of Electrical Engineering by UNICAMP and a PhD by University of East Anglia - UK, having had stays as a visiting scholar at University of Massachusetts Lowell - USA (2001-2002) and at Dalhousie University - Halifax (Canada) (2015), where she is adjunct professor. She has supervised research students in both places and also in a double degree doctorate program with Groningen University (The Netherlands). She has been involved in the program committee of the main international events in the subject of visualization and visual analytics, and  the holder of a CNPq research productivity level 1D grant. She has interacted with professionals in various areas of application of interactive visual analysis and data mining imprinting a multidisciplinary outlook to her carreer.  She frequently publishes in main venues related to visual analytics, graphics, bioinformatics, user interaction and applications.

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