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The ReconNeCT Project - supported by Serrapilheira Institute – is led by Prof. Tiago Pereira at University of São Paulo and a team of experts around the world.

Coupling Functions: Revealing interactions mechanism from data

Ever wondered how the manner of communication among systems can drastically change their behavior? How to learn such interactions from the observation of the system? Learn more in this paper

Dynamics across network structures

In the brain, hub neurons may synchronize. Disrupting their synchrony leads to malfunction of the brain. We developed a mathematical framework to explain this collective phenomenon only among hubs

Synchronization of Chaos and its Applications

The oldest nonlinear phenomena described in the history of modern is Synchronization. Observed among the neurons in our brain to celestial objects. Imagine synchronous behavior among chaotic electronic circuits to produce encrypted messages. See more here

Serrapilheira Institute

Supporting the scientific research in Brazil and the ReconNeCT Project itself. Visit their page

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