MARCH 22-26, 2021



The workshop is focused in professionals of industry and other areas of knowledge, researchers of mathematics, statistics, computer sciences and related areas, phD students and senior year students of mathematical sciences.

The objective of the Brazilian Study Group with the Industry, also called “Workshop CeMEAI of Mathematical Solutions for Industrial Problems”, is to promote university-industry interaction, providing benefits from the mathematical sciences to the Brazilian industry. These groups work intensively over a week on specific problems brought to them by industry, commerce and the government sector. Applied mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists collaborate to solve those problems and a verbal repair is provided as of the end of the week. Where necessary, a written report is provided within three months. These study groups first started at Oxford University during the 60’s. Because of their huge success, they have spread as a regular activity in many countries, for example South Africa, Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, United States, England, Ireland and Portugal.



José Alberto Cuminato – Principal Investigator – CEPID/CeMEAI
Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira – Director – ICMC/USP
Marcelo Viana – Director – IMPA
Durval Dourado Neto – Director – Esalq
Francisco Louzada Neto – Director – CeMEAI
Sylvio Roberto Accioly Canuto – Research Provost – USP

International collaborators

Hilary Ockendon – Oxford University, UK
Wil Schilders – TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands [PRESENTATION]
Yuan Ya-Xiang – President of ICIAM – Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Dhanesh Patel – University of Baroda, India

22/MAR 23/MAR 24/MAR 25/MAR 26/MAR
9:00 am Opening Study group Study group Study group Study group
9:30 am International collaborators
10:00 am Presentation – problem – Petrobras
10:20 am Interval Interval Interval Interval
10:40 am Presentation – problem –
John Deere and Esalq/USP
Presentation of the formulations Study group Study group Study group
11:20 am Presentation – problem –
12:00 pm Presentation – problem –
Checkpoint* Checkpoint*
12:40 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00 pm Presentation – problem –
Study group Study group Study group Presentation and discussion of the 7 problems
2:40 pm Presentation – problem –
3:20 pm Presentation – problem –
CCEE, CEPEL and Radix
Lecture: experience as a mathematician in industry – Vanessa Simões
4:00 pm Interval Interval
4:20 pm Organization of study groups: Drafting of questions / beginning of formulations Study group Status of problems Study group
5:00 pm
5:30 pm Checkpoint* Checkpoint*

*exclusive to each group