Extremal norms for fiber-bunching cocycles

ByEdmilson Santos

Extremal norms for fiber-bunching cocycles

Eduardo Garibaldi


In traditional Ergodic Optimization, one seeks to maximize Birkhoff averages. The most useful tool in this area is the celebrated Mañé Lemma, in its various forms. In this talk, we discuss a non-commutative Mañé Lemma, suited to the problem of maximization of Lyapunov exponents of linear cocycles or, more generally, vector bundle automorphisms. More precisely, we provide conditions that ensure the existence of an extremal norm, that is, a Finsler norm with respect to which no vector can be expanded in a single iterate by a factor bigger than the maximal asymptotic expansion rate. This is a joint work with Jairo Bochi (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).

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